Joy Razors and Shave Club: Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
where can I find joy coupons or promotions?
gotta love coupons. however, because we stick to providing a great razor at a low price, we don't offer samples or discounts. let us know if there's any more info about the razor that you want to know before committing to a joyful relationship.
how long does a joy blade last?
we typically recommend that you change your blades every other week if you shave a few times a week. however, it does depend on how often you’re shaving. if your shave is no longer comfortable, it’s time for a fresh start (with the refills, of course).
can I get a color other than pink or teal?
pink and teal are the original joy+glee handle colors but we’ve heard your call for more. we’re now offering yellow and purple handles to snazz up your bathroom. find your favorite color exclusively at Walmart.
are used joy blades and handles recyclable?
yes! joy partners with TerraCycle to collect and recycle blades and razors. through the program, you can recycle your used joy blades and razors! you can collect blades and razors at home and mail directly to TerraCycle for recycling or drop off at a public collection bin near you. to learn more and get started, click here.
do you still sell joy + glee products on this site?
we’ve got good and bad news. bad news, we no longer sell joy + glee on this site. good news, you can find your favorite product at Wal-Mart.
I have questions about an order. what should I do?
we'll be happy to help! please contact our customer service team.
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