Joy Razors and Shave Club: Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
how do I update my email?
we get it. email addresses change. to update the email associated with your joy shave account, go to “my account info.”

find the profile section and click “edit.”

replace the text in the “email address” field with your current email address.

click the “update details” button to save.
how do I update my password?
new password? fun stuff. to update your joy shave password, go to “my account info.”

find the “profile” section and click “edit.”

type in your new password in the “password” and “confirm password” field. then, type your old password in the “current password” field.

click the “update details” button to save. now see how long you can remember this one.
how do I update my payment information?
credit cards come and credit cards go – kind of like boyfriends (am I right?). to update your joy shave payment information, go to “my account info.”

find the “payment method” section and click “edit.”

find your current payment card and click “edit” to update the information. to add a new payment card, click the “+ add new payment method” button.
where can I find joy coupons or promotions?
gotta love coupons. however, because we stick to providing a great razor at a low price, we don't offer samples or discounts. let us know if there's any more info about the razor that you want to know before committing to a joyful relationship.
can I order just refills?
nope. each of our women’s razor subscriptions starts with a starter kit that comes with two refills included. after that, we send refills to you regularly. so to get the refills, you need a starter kit and subscription first. make sense?
how long does a joy blade last?
we typically recommend that you change your blades every other week if you shave a few times a week. however, it does depend on how often you’re shaving. if your shave is no longer comfortable, it’s time for a fresh start (with the refills, of course).
how can I get a second handle?
seconds are always fun (especially at potlucks). we’re stoked you like our handles so much that you want another. joy shave handles only ship in starter kits so hop on over to joy to purchase a new starter kit with free shipping.
is shipping always free?
yes. we think that paying for shipping is not joyful and we love delivering your razors to you for free.
can I get a color other than pink or teal?
pink and teal are the original joy+glee handle colors but we’ve heard your call for more. we’re now offering a yellow handle to snazz up your bathroom. find the yellow handle exclusively at Walmart.
how do I cancel my order?
we’ve got good and bad news. since joy shave is committed to speedy shipping, we process your order as soon as it's placed. so we can’t make changes or cancellations once an order is placed.

visit our contact us page for questions about your order.
how do I delay my shipments?
sometimes life hits you and you need to press pause. we’ve got you. to delay your joy shave shipments, go to “my account info.”

find the “my subscriptions” link in the top navigation to locate your subscription.

click the “delay cycle” button.

on the pop-up window, you have the choice of delaying your joy shave subscription cycle by 1 week, 1 month, or 1 full cycle. after you make your choice, click the “delay cycle” button in the window to confirm. don’t worry, though. restarting your shipments is just as easy!
how do I cancel my subscription?
we’re not saying you should cancel, because that would be sad and we want you to keep getting great razors. but if you wanted to cancel, we want you to know that cancelling your joy shave women’s razor subscription is easy.

just go to ”my account info.”

then find the ”my subscriptions” link in the top navigation to locate your subscription.

click the “cancel subscription” button to immediately cancel your subscription.

boom. unsubscribed.
are used joy blades and handles recyclable?
yes! joy partners with TerraCycle to collect and recycle blades and razors. through the program, you can recycle your used joy blades and razors! you can collect blades and razors at home and mail directly to TerraCycle for recycling or drop off at a public collection bin near you. to learn more and get started, click here.